Sovereign Titles and Heads of the House


The  full titles of Great Princes and Grand Dukes of the House Rurik Dynasty has remained firm and unchanged throughout existence among the members of the Dynasty and that remains in documents officers.

The Titles formal Current for the Head of the House is:


For the Grace of God

De jure:


Head of Name and Arms , Sovereign of the Mayorazgos and Lordships of the Princes of Russia - XXVIII Grand Prince and Grand Duke of Moscow , LXXXI - Grand Prince and Grand Duke of Kiev, LXXXIII - Grand Prince of Novgorod, LXXX - Grand Prince of Smolensk, XXIII -Great Prince of Vladimir, Kazan and Astrakhan , XXXII- Grand Prince and Duke of Tver , XVI - Prince of Zvenigorod , XXXVI - Prince of Gallich -Volhynian, XXIII - Grand Duke of Uglich , LXX - Grand Prince Duke of Pereyaslavl , LXXVI - Grand Princes and Duke of Rostov, LXXV - Prince of Murom, LXXV - Lord Duke of Pskov, LXXVIII - Duke of Polotsk , XXIX - Grand Duke of Yaroslavl, XLIII - Lord Grand Duke of Ryazan , XIX - Byzantine Prince , LXX - Prince Kubara (Kubarev), XXII - Grand Duke of Lithuania, XXIX - Prince of the House of Glinski , Of Hereditary Right : - Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Royal Prince of France and Royal Prince of Denmark , Descendant of the Royal House Sweden , Duke of the Royal House of Romania, Herzog von Murau , Count von Kronborg , Count, Viscount SeƱor de Cabrera and others territories by descent in Spain.


The Heir :


Since the creation of the House of Rurik , the Heir of the Titles maintained the style of Grand Duke Heir . The title of Grand Duke Heir is retained for the eldest son of the Head of the House, with the new style of His Royal and Imperial Highness The title complete of the heir would be : Su Royal Highness and Imperial Grand Duke Heir ...


Others Family members:


Other Members of the Family hold the Titles of Grand Duke or Grand Duchess , Prince or Princess of Rurikovich, maintaining the style of Her Royal and Imperial Highness "Ad Vitan " are not transferable to their sons and daughters and can only be confirmed by the Head of the House.

Princes' children who do not hold Royal and Imperial rank, hold the rank of your Highness Duke or Duchess .

Marriage of a Prince or Princess occur or a princess or duchess, this / to take the style and range of your spouse.


Dynastic Succession  :


The Succession in the House Rurikovich of the Cabrera Dynasty Lochaber Rurikovich von Kronborg is hereditary on the line male by right of primogeniture , without the exclusion of women ; even in the total extinction of the line male. Is rule applies in succession dynastic and in the Headquarters of the House as branch unique hereditary right within this Dynasty.

Grand Prince and Duke Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich, who is currently Chief Dynasty and All Descendants in the world, Has cancelled all titles and positions within the house of Rurikovich, after Don Hugo passed away there are need for restructure., focused mainly in the preservation and care of the heritage and cultural heritage of the Rurikovich family .